What’s In a Name?

First Nations have always been a collective group of people. The decisions they make are always done in light of what is best for the group. Providing their families with the comforts of food and shelter was and remains their top priority.

At certain times in history these comforts were threatened by the presence of a creature called “Windigo.” These are powerful creatures were once human but after transforming became a threat to others.

The fierceness and power of the Windigo indicate danger to those dwelling nearby. The people living around the lake were aware of the potential danger and of how smart the Windigo was. These creatures were the victors in some situations. This particular Windigo, however, was outsmarted, tricked into entering the lake and drowned. From then on the lake was referred to as Windigo Lake and serves as a reminder of what happened that day. The “Windigo” name is not one that signifies fear but rather shows the strength of the First Nations and their determination to provide.

Windigo Lake holds a place of importance as the origin for the names of companies that are the foundation of Windigo First Nations Council as well as the names of companies affecting its future. It began with a transportation company, then a tribal council, and now a successful catering business, Windigo Catering LP. With our roots in the north, that is where we continue to serve.