“What we do, we do well.”

At Windigo Catering, our reputation is built on this principle.  Our people are trained and constantly reminded to always follow this way of doing business.  We distinguish ourselves from the rest by being known for the best quality available at reasonable cost.

Food Services
Our Red Seal chefs and experienced cooks specialize in nutritious, hotel-quality meals from a non-rotational menu.  Blandness and boredom are the enemies of a happy workforce, and we meet this challenge with great success.  We continuously introduce new recipes and encourage feedback and ideas from our customers.  We keep up with popular trends that meet our nutritional standards, and also produce special meals such as vegetarian for those who request them.

Health and Safety

  • Food safety is paramount in a remote location.  We do more than pay attention to this; we follow a strict system.  Our senior cooks have formal training, and all kitchen staff is shown the proper ways to handle, store, and prepare food, making sure no food is left at room temperature for an unsafe amount of time.
  • To assist with the health of your workforce, we ensure a constant wide variety of nutritious choices available at every meal.  We only use olive and canola oils, maximize healthy cooking methods (bake, stir-fry, steam, grill) insist on low-sodium preparation, and provide many nutritious ingredients prepared according to healthy recipes.  With the proper use of herbs and spices, we find that most customers do not miss the high sodium contained in most commercial food; but of course, salt shakers are available to all.  In addition, Windigo Catering participates in Ontario’s EatSmart program.
  • We have a successful safety program for our employees. Our creation of training manuals for every job serves two purposes: it ensures all details are covered when training a new employee, and it provides a reference for more experienced employees. Nevertheless, we believe in continuous improvement, and strive for a zero accident rate.

Housekeeping and Janitorial
Windigo Catering’s development of a system of daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal cleaning routines keeps rooms and buildings clean and sanitized.  From the kitchen to the hallways to the individual rooms, our hard work shows, and residents express appreciation.

We provide qualified and experienced management to provide smooth delivery of camp services and professional interface with your company.

We ensure you meet your goals for employee retention and morale as well as meeting commitments for aboriginal hiring.  Let us provide your catering service, and you will be happy with your decision!