A big “thumbs up” to the kitchen staff for the awesome dinner they prepared yesterday.  It was apparent that a lot of planning and preparation went into not only the food but also the presentation.  A great team effort! It was appreciated by all who were fortunate enough to be on site to enjoy it.

Gayle Westhaver
Travel Coordinator

Musselwhite Mine

I was tremendously impressed with our latest feast at the mine.  We had succulent turkey and ham with all the trimmings, as well as perogies and cabbage rolls, many delicious vegetables and different salads, a condiment table and a fruit table, wonderful desserts as usual – even chocolate dipped strawberries.  Windigo also excels at presentation.  When you think of “mine site”, you picture a cafeteria with food just slapped on plates.  Not here.  Our kitchen staff is always friendly and helpful, and everything is set out with the greatest care and attention.

Thank you for a wonderful experience.



Billie C. Cussons RN, OHN
Disability Management Specialist

I’d like to thank the kitchen staff for the wonderful New Year’s dinner which they prepared yesterday.
Thank you also for the meals prepared for those in the mill and on ERT training who were unable to enjoy the fine food and atmosphere in the kitchen.
You are part of what makes Musselwhite such a great place to work.

Rohan Millar P.Geo.
Chief Geologist
Musselwhite Mine
Goldcorp Canada Ltd

Absolutely a culinary delight.  Many many thanks.

George Sanderson