Why Choose Windigo Catering?

Our customers need the best employees they can find because attracting and retaining quality people is key to meeting long-term goals.  Windigo Catering recognizes this, and focuses on providing the best camp experience available.

Our qualified managers, chefs, and supervisors train and guide our workers to provide superior food and cleaning services, and our reputation speaks to this.  But we go further.  We treat your people as guests, making them feel cared for in a warm and friendly atmosphere while they are so far from home.

Windigo Catering’s niche is to provide the best food and camp services available at a cost that is competitive with the large commercial caterers.  How can we do this?  Like all businesses, we need to be profitable.  However, the bottom line is not our only goal.  We operate with less profit in order to provide employment opportunities for aboriginal people, and to demonstrate that a First Nations company can not only compete, but excel.

See “What We Do” for more information on why Windigo Catering is the right choice for your operation.